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volleyball & Flag football registration extended till May 25th.  soccer is closed!

registration fees must be received to reserve your spot.  Online payment only!
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Vendor Application

Sport Rules / Reg Forms

**Please complete the rules/reg for your sport category AND the waiver**

  • FOOD VENDORS: Please complete both the AHE and Fresno County Vendor Applications. Please contact Susan Xiong (559) 840-6425, for more details about booth/vendor info.  APPLICATION DEADLINE IS         MAY 7, 2018.  VENDORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING THEIR FOOD HANDLING CERTIFICATE PRIOR TO THE EVENT.  Vendors are responsible for the inspection fee of $47 if applicable.
  • Each food booth must have an owner or person in charge that has successfully passed an approved and accredited food safety certification examination listed by ANSI or the free Fresno County Food handler Certification examination. Contact Fresno County Environmental Health at 445-3357 to sign up for the Fresno County exam or call or go online at www.fcdph.org for a list of classes available in the Fresno County area.

READ all rules and regulations

for your sport category before

registering.  All forms must be

signed and received by the Sport

Coordinators by May 17, 2018 for participation.

***Registration may close early once maximum number of teams have registered.  Check your sport category for registration cap***


"SHOWDOWN FOR HOPE" Sports Tournament