showdown for hope 2015- volunteers of hope

showdown for hope 2015- Women's volleyball

Showdown for hope 2015 - Men's volleyball

Showdown for Hope 2015- flag football

Showdown for Hope 2015-soccer

Photo Gallery

2016 Showdown for Hope- women's volleyball Champs

2016 Showdown for hope- flag football

Unity for a Better Tomorrow

A Hopeful Encounter, Inc.

2016 showdown for hope-Men's Volleyball

More action pictures to come!!!!

The First Encounter Gala: Weaving the Fabric of Hope

Thank you to everyone who came out to make this event a success!  Our sponsors (Sue Lee, DFC Global, Vang Children's Urgent Care, LACF, Yang Design, Flower Cafe, CMA Church, and Tower Sushi), donors, Advisors, and volunteers: you guys are the best! Last but not least, our partner; Revived-thank you for your support!

2016 showdown for hope- men's soccer champs

2016 Showdown for Hope May 28th-29th @ Calwa